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Thread: Bidets?

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    Hello, I know mercola is a big fan of's products. He says theyv are more sanitary than paper. I was curious if anyone has a bidet or if they ate advantageous? The blue bidets seem to be self install. Am thinking to get one.

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    Combine a bidet with a Nature's Platform and that's probably the ideal.
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    Lived in Japan for 2 years. Their toilets come with combo seat+bidet with 12 button control pads on the side for start, stop, locations, pressure, temp, yada yada, some models for women spray perfume and have fake "flush" buttons to make a flush sound to hide the sound of farts (don't ask me to explain).

    Leave it to the japanese to techno-fy toilet seats.

    But needless to say, it created vastly cleaner experiences - toilet paper was only needed for drying up water on the bum, there was usually little left to actually clean.

    I intend to order one in the coming year...

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    I have installed bidets in my last 2 dwellings and would not have a house without one.

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    I want to install them in my house. I think its much cleaner.

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    Travelling in Malaysia, the loos over there have a hosepipe/showerhead type fitting instead of paper. Which is fine and all, but then you end up walking out with a wet backside. Can't help thinking all you've done is...redistribute and dilute the problem :O guess it really depends on your amount/consistency/frequency though.

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    We have one, it's great for soaking stained clothes or putting things the little kids have soiled in until I want to wash them lol
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    I guess the products I was curious about are the ones that retro fit standard western toilets. The blue bidets have pretty good reviews on Amazon for example.

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    Dry paper is not the best thing for a couple of reasons, but you don't have to have a bidet, just use wet baby wipes. I used to travel a lot and got into the habit of keeping a half-dozen wet wipes in a ziplock bag in my pocket all the time. These come in handy in lack of paper or nasty seat emergencies, plus you are cleaner.

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    you should not flush most moist towelettes, btw.

    hey grumpy, instead of having a large wooden contraption over your toilet, why not install something like this squatting pan?

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