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Thread: Flaxseed oil for females?

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    Flaxseed oil for females?

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    Hi there, quick question - I checked the forum, the blog and mark's book and am slightly confused about flaxseed oil. Now I mean the one with high Omega 3s that comes from the organic section, in this delicate small dark bottle, must be refrigerated and use within couple weeks. Books says ok, blog and forum nada. I used to put it on my salads till I ran across the comment somewhere here that said no. I tried to find the particular thread and couldn't so I am starting new one. Thanks!

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    From what I understand, flaxseed oil is high in omega3s, but not the kind that readily converts into DHA, which is what our body needs most. Only 8% converts to DHA, whereas fish oil is much better and converting into DHA, so it is a higher quality form of omega 3. I have started eating canned salmon most days - it is cheaper than supplements and does a better job.

    Perhaps someone who understands this better than me can explain it better.

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