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Thread: Highway through the Serengeti= end of the Great Migration

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    Highway through the Serengeti= end of the Great Migration

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    So, apparently the Tanzanian government has approved a highway through the Serengeti, which will cut the Great Migration in half, and effectively destroy the Great Migration, and mean that the area is no longer a national heritage site. (I found out about this through the 'Today in Paleo' podcast) The highway is also being built to enable mining, which will further destroy the ecosystem. It's absolutely infuriating, and I just donated to the fund to stop the highway. Anyway, I thought that a lot of the forumites would be interested in the topic.

    Stop the Serengeti Highway | Serengeti Watch
    Extraction Vs. Prosperity, What Are Humans For?, and How To Help Save The Great Migration - GNOLLS.ORG
    Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. (Thoreau)

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    Not sure I want to read it; probably horridly depressing.

    Years ago I read Cry of the Kalahari by Mark and Delia Owens Cry of the Kalahari (9780395647806): Mark James Owens, Cordelia Dykes Owens: Books

    Fascinating book, and there was a big section about the great migration.

    Those two were nuts! They headed off into the middle of nowhere with absolutely no clue what they were doing; it's amazing they survived.

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    A friend sent me a PowerPoint about the railway that China built between Beijing and Tibet. Of course a lot of it read like propaganda, but they suspended a lot of it so as not to interfere with wildlife movement.

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    Thank you for posting this...and your donation is greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Anything anyone does helps. Whether you just "Like" the "Stop the Serengeti Highway" Facebook page, sign the online petitions, or donate to the WCST or the Serengeti Legal Defense Fund, it's all meaningful progress. (Links are at the end of my article.)

    The worst part is that the German government and the World Bank have offered to finance and help build the southern route, which bypasses the Serengeti - and the connecting roads that would connect the villages which would otherwise be served by the highway. Yet the Tanzanian government refuses to let them - because it's not about helping the villages. It's about big mining companies paying mining concessions (i.e. kickbacks) directly to President Kikwete and his "environmental" ministers, destroying Tanzania's entire $1.6 billion tourism economy in order to enrich a few corrupt leaders. (Quote: "The Lake Natron soda ash mine will go ahead regardless of what the environmental impact report says.")

    Whatever you do, spread the word around! Forward the articles, share the Facebook page, let people know this is going on. There has been very little media coverage of this outside Germany, and that's a crime.

    There is still time, but not much: construction begins in 2012.

    Extraction Vs. Prosperity, What Are Humans For?, and How To Help Save The Great Migration - GNOLLS.ORG

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    What??? How the hell did this get approved? I was in Africa in the 90s and I saw the Great Migration. Even though I was only 13 at the time, the sight of millions of wildebeest moving across the savannah has always stuck with me. I can't believe some stupid government is about to destroy that!

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