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Thread: how long and how much?

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    how long and how much?

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    Hi all,

    A bit about my story and where I'm standing..

    2 years ago I was doing South Beach and I lost 24.3 pounds in like 3-4 months. Then I got married, travelled around the globe a lot of times, ate whatever we wanted with DH and here I am with the pounds back. Not surprising at all eh?

    But South Beach does not work like it did at first anymore. I tried to eat according to it for a couple of times since I regained but I either hit a plateu and got frustrated or cheated after a while and returned to where I started. I guess my body just got used to the way I was eating. So I felt like I need to cut back more of some things and give it more from some other things. That's why I'm trying PB lately. Obviously I have many questions here and there so I hope you all can bare with me

    It may look like I'm trying to lose only a little weight to some of you. But I'm 5'3' so being at this weight really makes me look blocky if you know what I mean.

    Please excuse me if that's already been asked and discussed. I tried to do a board search but couldn't find an exact thread about this question of mine. That is, how much weight have you lost and how long have you been doing PB? I need some inspiration and hope through this journey


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    Please check out the 200-something pages of before and afters section of the forum.That should get you very motivated!!!!

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    Click on "The Blog", then click on "Success Stories". But there are also many of us who are achieving success, just not perhaps movie-worthy success

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