I have been doing primal for about 9 months, starting after I heard Mark speak. My housemate was there too and thought it sounded reasonable. She started to read the Primal Blueprint but decided she didn't want to be a cavewoman.

Since primal is a major part of my life, I mention it from time to time. She knows that what I cook for us is fairly primal. (I do eat potatoes and some white rice, corn tortillas, etc.) She knows I avoid wheat, sugar and fruit juice.

So, she came home and told me she heard someone speaking on NPR, that he said flour, sugar and fruit juice were bad. He also said that it isn't just calories in, exercise out (or whatever the phrase is.) She thought it made sense so she is going to look into his ideas. (I forgot his name. Not one I recognized.)

Imagine that! (I didn't really say much, just nodded my head.)