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Thread: What are you eating for Easter?

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    My daughter is studying to be a wildlife biologist, so she's a huge animal lover, but she's all for eating meat. Her favorite phrase is "My ancestors didn't fight their way to the top of the food chain for me to be a vegetarian". However, she does draw the line at baby animals. So, we don't eat lamb for Easter when she's here. So our dinner will be:

    Spiral Ham
    Mashed potatoes (with lots of Irish butter and cream)
    Salad Greens w/ Strawberries, Kiwi's, walnuts and a balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing
    And green beans sauteed in coconut oil with bacon.
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    roasted chicken (with SKIN of course)
    asparagus with butter and olive oil
    acorn squash with lots of butter
    perhaps a glass of red wine and a bit of dark chocolate as the evening winds down.

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    I'm having a total binge day. Hubby & Grokling are chowing down on candy, I am chowing down on Primal goodies. Lots of fruit, leftovers, hard boiled eggs, and of course tonght the ever exciting and enticing ham shank with yummy marrow. Baked sweet potato on the side. Viva la Easter!
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    Oh you mean OTHER than the dozens of easter eggs my kids insisted on coloring but now refuse to eat? They like scrambled but are not fans of hardboiled.

    I wasnt planning a big easter dinner - not Christian so it is a bunny holiday here, but I happen to HAVE a huge roast that must be cooked today so very very rare roast beef with horseradish, sweet potatoes and whatever veggies I happen to have on hand. I also have an open bottle of Temperanillo in the wine fridge that ought to be finished off. Darn.
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    We took an extra-long bike ride today, so we're having ours tomorrow. It's Rosemary-Garlic Roasted Leg of Lamb, sauteed bok choy, sweet potatoes with LOTS of butter, and possibly asparagus with hollandaise sauce.

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    left over primal tacos!

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    ...what is "spiral ham"???

    I roasted a leg of lamb yesterday (or was it Friday?). Leftovers #1 was cold with mint sauce and veg, leftovers #2 was a tomato based curry, leftovers #3 still to come
    I had major sugar cravings and made a chocolate/almond flour thing, which was only "meh". And now I'm out of eggs

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    I ended up not cooking and went to the local hippie market and got a big bowl of spicy snow peas to contribute to the dinner at my friend's.

    I ate light there, just some ham, slaw, snow peas, and deviled eggs.

    There was a lot left over so I'm at home watching History Channel, drinking a Pellegrino, and munching these yummy snow peas.

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