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Thread: How Do You Like Your Pork Cooked?

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    145 degrees for pork tenderloin, and for pork chops etc once the juices run clear it's ready to eat! I gagged on way to many sawdust chops in my youth to ever over cook pork.
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    I like all my meat well done- no pink.

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    Is it just me that finds pork to have a weird smell?

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    I tried TJ's pork the other day. I expected it to be somewhere between our pastured pork from the farmer and the crap sold in the grocery stores. It was, and I realized it when I tasted it - it had that nasty "this pig ate something I don't want to know about" underflavor that I remember pork having before I started getting it from the quality farmer we buy from. Not nearly as strong as, say, Smithfield's, but it was still there. I imagine it's similar to what you're describing, Sue.

    Our pastured pork does not have that *at all*.
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    That's probably it. Anyway it's Easter Sunday and having pig on spit, mum also cooked some lamb for those that don't like pork. I'm not keen to try the pork may just stick to the lamb.

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