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Thread: Blood Results

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    Blood Results

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    Been 90% + Paleo for about 3 months. Don't have a Pre Paleo Blood Test , but did get results back from Lab since I applied for a new life insurance policy.
    Here are the results:
    Cholesterol 264
    HDL 39.1
    LDL 200
    Cholesterol HDL Ratio 6.75
    Triglycerides 123
    Glucose 60

    I don't like the results. Having them redone in a month or two.
    Any input ?

    I do work out regularly, always have lifted weights and played football baseball throughout HS and College.

    I am 6'212 lbs. have lost 20 lbs since Jan 15 or so. Not looking to lose much more weight as I am happy with size now.

    Diet is lots of fish, eggs, bacon,Meat,
    Probably don't eat enough carbs. Will start eating more.

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    Almost exactly like mine after 3 months of nearly 100% primal, except my trigs were 99 (and my glucose was a normal 84).
    Naturally I didn't eat carbs much, and I didn't exercise much either. Being retested after a month after making changes in micronutrients, exercise, and carbs.

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    I'm no expert, but something seems off...

    If your Glucose of 60 represents a fasting blood sugar (mg/dL), it is rather low. Not really alarmingly so, I don't think, but I would expect to see lower trigs at that level. (Your HDL and LDL can take a longer time to get into shape). Trigs are pretty resonsive to diet.

    I would be interested in an A1C to see how your blood sugar has been averaging over the last 3 months.

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