Hello all,

I am at the dead end with primal, weight loss/gain, performance on the court and am hoping for some senior members to help me out here.

I have been primal for 8 weeks now. No weight loss, no inches loss, on the contrary I gained 10lbs and added 3 inches in all. The only positive thing that has happened is that I am not as moody and have no cravings as before (minus this weight loss frustration). Negative things are weight/inches gain, inability to fall asleep, and a joint pain - none of which affected me before.

I am 5'8, female, 29yrs, was 137lbs before going primal and ripped, 17.2% body fat, 6-pack and all. I ate very healthy SAD diet and I train quite a bit - training 6 days a week, combination of crossfit and regular sand practices. I went primal because many folks at crossfit recommended paleo/primal diet for easier recovery and better results at any sport. I am competing on the highest level possible and anything that can give you the edge over other athletes is crucial at my sport as the tournaments are only for 32 best teams in the world.

I am now 147 - 150lbs, definitely gained some abdominal fat and fat on my legs. I tracked my calories vigorously (always done it) through Fit Day. I ate 1700cal on SAD and eating them also now, but I eat higher protein and fat as before I would eat 60% carbs, 25% protein, 15% fat (mostly mono). Now I am about 80g carbs, 120g protein (eggs, bacon, steak, salmon, chicken - all organic, grass fed), 100g fat. Body fat measurement (I get those done in the same lab) says 19.9% which is about 7lbs increase in FAT which reflects in the fact that my clothes are tighter or dont fit. I eliminated nuts, occasionally splurge on cream for my morning coffee, nearly no friut (once/twice a week berries). I dont drink alcohol and never liked any sodas, eliminated sports drinks altogether since going primal so now I drink only water and coffee. I am a sugar burner (had lab tests done on me in the past).

For training: Crossfit training sessions vary between 5 - 35mins, I do them 3 times a week. My sand training about 2hrs/3-4 times a week. Tournaments are all day Saturday but amount of playing is probably 7hrs total in a day. My speed, endurance, jumped had not improved enough to actually talk about improvement. If I push carbs below 80g, I am unable to fall asleep even though my body is completely wiped out from training. I tried IFs and it did not work so well with sand practices - my first IF (14hrs) went great but starting from the second one about a week later I was totally lacking energy during a practice and was slightly lightheaded.

I am so frustrated with this and I just don't know what to do anymore. I may stick to primal for couple more weeks and see if anything happens. What I was hoping to gain from switching to primal was to improve my game while staying the same lean mean machine but now I also have to worry about losing some weight on top of playing so I am just not sure if this is working. Any suggestions please?