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Thread: Costochondritis (pain in sternum) help?

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    Costochondritis (pain in sternum) help?

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    I've been diagnosed with this a couple weeks ago, but I've had this mild pain there for a couple months, especially when doing chest exercises, of course. I was prescribed Aleve but feared taking too much to protect my stomach, so I've been taking that sparingly while taking anti-inflammatories such as Curcumin (in a very absorbable form) and Ginger supplements. Now, it's not as bad but still there, and I feel somewhat averted to exercise. I feel I can't do chest exercises at all. Does anyone have experience dealing with this, or ways to take the strain off of the sternum in exercise?

    Also, I'm new to these forums, though I've been reading all over the website for months. I try to live by the blueprint, but the past few days have been pizza-filled (as my dad visited me with a lot of East Coast Italian cuisine). I feel, of course, more tired, and my OCD seems a bit worse, so I am trying to get back to working out while reinstating the diet.


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    I get it from time to time. I can't take non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (I'm allergic) so I usually just have to ride it out and take acetaminophen if it gets too painful. It sucks, but there's not much you can do except take it easy and make sure you're taking care of your overall health until it heals. I find sometimes a bit of warmth helps it feel better for a bit too. I also try to avoid anything that increases inflammation in general so that I don't make it any worse.
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