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    I just received the book from Mark and have been enjoying it so far...HOWEVER...there is a product that is for sale in the brochure that came with it that contains SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE, SUCRALOSE (SPLENDA), AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS?!? This is CRAZY and i want some clarification from Mark on his stance on these CRAP ingredients. Thanks.


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    good question.

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    Yeesh, I'd reckon that is NOT a product recommended to be relied on or meant to replace any whole foods for significant amounts of time. Factor it into your 20%, or just don't use it. It is possible to get complete nutrition buying clean whole foods. But due to vanity, time pressures, etc, there are gonna be some cheats or downright bad stuff in a processed supplement, that "fitness" minded folks are going to use.

    The ingredients are listed, the soy is there, the splenda is there, don't buy it. I sure won't.

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    heh, I was wondering the same thing..

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    And I do believe Sisson&#39;s supplements sell to a wider range of "fitness enthusiasts" than just the Primal Blueprint folks here. There is certainly a spectrum of adherence to the PB. I&#39;ve gotten my 20% so tightened down as to be more around 5% and I wouldn&#39;t spend that 5% on supplements. And certainly not Soy and Sweeteners. The supplements have been for sale longer than the PB book and forums have been on the market.

    But I&#39;d bet a protein powder (guessing that&#39;s one offending product) has it&#39;s place even for a strict PB follower trying for a short term goal, or to hit a new level of strength, musculature, or fat loss.

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