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    Ideas for Eating Coconut Oil

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    I'm trying to eat more coconut oil but need some ideas. I'm currently using 1T when I cook dinner but I've heard I should be using 2-3 T per day. I've seen people mention making coconut oil treats. Does anyone have a good recipe? I'm also open to other ideas. I just can't stomach eating it off the spoon.

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    i fry eggs in it and also roast veggies with it. have you tried coconut butter/mana? it's like the peanut butter of coconut - it's the oil + fiber and it tastes great. i eat that by the spoon full!

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    Cook with it in larger quantities, grab a spoonful to gnosh on during the day, mix with hot drinks, use it on your veggies instead of butter, and make homemade confections
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    Today I found that if I cooked italian sausage in refined coconut oil I actually WAS able to stomach the sausage flavored coconut oil straight up. I'm thinking of melting down a whole jar and cooking some meat in it and then storing it.
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    I mix it with 3 free range eggs , coconut milk powder and extra virgin olive oil in a blender to break my fast when I get home from work .

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    I smother wild planet sardines with virgin coconut oil, soo delicious.

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    I too cannot eat it off the spoon.

    Here's my fave:
    coconut oil fudge:

    1/2 cup coconut oil
    1/4 cup cooca powder
    2 tbsp honey/maple syrup or sweetener of your choice
    2 tbsp vanilla
    chopped nuts (toasted hazelnuts are my fave, think nutella!!! Almonds, or macs are good too.)

    Mix everything together until smooth, then fold in the nuts, scrape into a dish and chill until firm.
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    Last night I made Coconut Meatballs for dinner. They fry in 3 tbsp of coconut oil, and then you make a gravy with that and coconut milk. They turned out really good!

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    I can't seem to find coconut butter at my local grocer or natural food market. Is it using located by the "normal" butter?

    And where do you find coconut milk powder? Is it Bobs Red Mill?

    Might have to make a trip to the (extremely over-priced, waste of $$$$) Whole Foods.

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    I too have issue with the fats, especially the ones that are solid at room temp. Even EVOO gets to me if it's been in the fridge (like marinated artichokes). I melt it and mix it in with anything that calls for oil in the recipe. It was super good in a "primal" chocolate cake I made for my daughter's B-day. Maybe try leaving it out on your counter to remind you to use it and get used to it's solid form. I've been really trying to unprogram years of "fat is bad - lard is really disgusting" programming. Some day - maybe once I'm finally thin - I believe I can and will change this.

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