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Thread: Any DC Area PBers up for some physical activity?

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    Any DC Area PBers up for some physical activity?

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    Where all my Grok and Grokesses at? So listen, I am new to the whole Primal community and I am semi new to the DC area, I live in Manassas, VA but work in Alexandria. I was hoping that there were fellow DC area members that were willing to meet up sometime and go hiking somewhere or maybe play a pick-up game of ultimate frisbee or basketball. Anything really on the weekends would be fantastic.

    I have created another thread here for any general discussion,

    This thread will be geared more towards meeting up to get down and dirty. Lets get active or maybe even share our favorite spots to go in the area at the very least.

    I know I checked out Urban Evolution just last weekend and it was a ton of fun. It's a gym geared toward parkour and other interesting "hobbies" if you will. They can be found here: Urban Evolution | Our Warmup is Your Gym's Workout

    Any other places, I'm not too sure about yet, I plan on looking for a nice trail close by but I don't know if any exist. If I find one, I'll be sure to share.

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    I'm doing a mud run on the 30th in Rock Creek Park in Maryland with some friends. The Run Amuck run. I don't know if it's still got slots available.

    I would love to take up parkour, but with lifting, sprinting, long-ish trail run on the weekend, capoeira, and pole-dancing (plus a husband, dog, and PhD to take care of!), I'm pretty busy already.

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