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Thread: Nutrition Adivce, the Good the Bad, the Ugly

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    Nutrition Adivce, the Good the Bad, the Ugly

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    In light of all the recent discussions about calories and nutrition and just all kinds of craziness I thought it might be interesting to read the crazy things that others have been told. I am going to limit mine to things told to me by medical providers and experts. Feel free to just post whatever you want.

    By an endocrinoligist that I was sent to for testing for OTHER metabolic issues other than my thyroid, which turns out after another two years I was definitley insulin resistant:
    In my experience people that tell me they track their food, they are not honest in what they put on the log. The cause of their obesity is the maount of time spent moving their hand from the plate to their mouth. They say they exercise, when they really don't. What you need to do is experience hunger. You should be hungry when you wake up, you should be hungry in the middle of the morning and famished by lunch time (don't snack) you should then be very hungry again at dinner and you should go to bed hungry. It is not because of your thyroid that you got fat and it has nothing to do with whether or not you can lose weight
    Had I followed this guys advice it would have damaged my metabolism even more. DFH can discuss the ramifications of someone on synthroid for hypothyroidism and long term starvation.

    From a nurse practioner that was in charge of the exercise portion of my fitness program within the medical group:
    All people, regadless of medical conditions will lose weight in a conecentrationc amp. Have you ever seen a fat person picture from those places? I don't think so.
    Again with the starve yourself. Yeah, starve myself and then end up even worse off. Starve myself to heart failure or to the point where I can't function because of muscle waisting. Yeah that is a great healthy way to lose weight.

    From the exercise physiologist that followed my case and was responsible for providing me with an exercise prescription for weight loss:
    If you are not losing weight you must be exercising wrong. Where is your heart rate? I bet you haven't gotten it above 155 for even a few minutes. You just need to do more. I think you need to come in and have me observe you exercising to see if you are working hard enough.
    At this point we were in the middle of a 12 week program that required I to be there everyday. It was four days a week, with people yelling at us to push and work harder. I also attending mandatory fitness training on Thursdays with my unit, in the spot light as the 'failure' I pushed myself, hard. On top of that I went to the Y and did 45-60 minutes on the elliptical followed by weight training with the Nautilus equpiment, I did that on Monday and Wednesday. Not working hard enough, my ass!

    When I asked this person what would happen if I was able to get to my max for push-ups, sit-ups and then run and still couldn't lose the weight. Her response was, "That is your probalem. Your negative thinking is keeping you from losing weight." Um, negative thinking or reality? Facing the truth that I had been on the program for a year at that point and had not lost more than 3-4 pounds. That isn't negative, it is truth. I was watchign other people drop pounds like they were hot potatoes. Yet I was stuck at the same weight. Running better, but still fat.

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    My "hall of shame" of advice I got from docs/dietitians/nutritionalists-

    -1991: The best diet for you is low fat. You see, fat has more calories per gram, so avoid fat.... (I guess everyone got this one)

    -High triglycerides have nothing to do with it. (doctor that wanted me to get a gastric bypass!)

    -You need carbohydrates when you are healing, the hospital food is good. (Dietitian that was about 30-40 lb overweight, trying to give ME advice!)

    -Stay on the Synthroid and do Weight Watchers, and stay away from those hormone doctors. (This is exactly what I did NOT do, and it worked out great.)

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    From my GP, when I was 17... "You've gained a few lbs, if you feel like having a biscuit, have an apple"

    Slimming World mantra "Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"... yeah if you have an eating disorder

    From Radiant Recovery.... "Eat more wholegrains".

    From my GP, when I went complaining of over 100lbs weight gain, chronic fatigue and a host of other symptoms, and my blood tests came back clear... "Would you like some anti-depressants?"

    From my naturally extremely thin husband... "Why don't you just stop?" (bingeing)

    From my mum, all my life, the message not to eat much and that thinness was of primary importance. A tiny bowl of porridge for breakfast, a banana for lunch and a boiled egg and one slice of toast for tea.

    From one of the elders of my ex-church, when I asked for help with struggling with caring for my baby with fatigue and illhealth... "Go to WW, I think if you lose weight you'll feel better about yourself" (turned out she was bulimic, so it makes sense now!) and "drink lots of smoothies and fresh juice" when I'd already explained about my hypoglycemia.
    Gluten intolerance and hypermobility syndrome

    Eat food. Mostly real. Enjoy life.

    Health, energy, wellbeing, vitality, joy, LIFE! Health At Every Size

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    I'll start with the good:

    "Just because you're heavier doesn't mean you can't also exercise and be fit." This on the first visit with a new primary care physician back around 2002, when I was well over 300 lbs. I appreciated that about her - it immediately let me know she was someone I could work with on my health and not just have everything automatically blamed on my weight.

    (Opposite of DFH's experience above) "Extra protein will help with your healing." (I think that was from my PCP after I got out of the hospital after a nasty accident, though it might have been from someone at the hospital).

    "You need to nourish your body." From a great doc I worked with before I moved from Seattle (damn I wish I could still see her regularly).

    And the bad ...

    After telling my doctor I had a history of disordered eating "Have you considered our medically-supervised weight loss program?" - From my (now-fired) primary care physician here in CA. (Looked it up later and it is a shake-based 800 calorie a day program ... yeah, that would be awesome for a disordered eater).

    "Your thyroid numbers are normal. Are you sure you're just not depressed?" -multiple times from the same now-fired PCP.

    "I'm not on the Vitamin D bandwagon, but I'll test yours anyway, if you want." (My otherwise-awesome current PCP... and that test showed a 67 with my 6,000 IUs a day. )

    From 90% of the people I've met "It's calories in / calories out. If you're not losing weight you must be eating too much."

    From some people who've never struggled with their weight "Anyone can be a size 6 if they're willing to work hard enough."
    "Sometimes, you need to make sure the angel on your shoulder has a wingman." -Me

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    I was sick of my life being ruled by hypoglycemia, which I had been most of my life, even as a kid...

    Me: I think I might have some blood sugar issues - I get cranky and shaky when I don't eat, which will turn into a headache of no return, sweats, ears ringing, etc., if I continue to ignore my hunger. (I mention something about hypoglycemia). It's been this way as long as I can remember, and I'd really like to see if there's something wrong.

    PCP: Oh, hypoglycemia is overdiagnosed. Just keep some crackers with you and eat them when you get hungry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ennasirk View Post

    (Opposite of DFH's experience above) "Extra protein will help with your healing." *(I think that was from my PCP after I got out of the hospital after a nasty accident, though it might have been from someone at the hospital).
    Good for you. I guess I just got a CW dud trying to defend the hospital decisions.

    I'm having some complications from a colon surgery that was done 20 years ago. I've been to the hospital getting things done in steps. For the last trip, I brought with me a tub of low carb whey protein isolate with a small tub of L-glutamine mixed in. I gave them back all the Ensure and milk and mixed my own stuff when no one was looking. The nurses just noticed that I asked for a lot of ice-water...

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    One of my favorite WW advices "if you have the knowledge, the tools, and the willpower - you can loose weight" yeah right????

    my PCP (Who's now retired - but I loved him b/c he looked at everything) - "all you need to do for your fibromyalgia is work out, & eat right, then you'll see the weight come off" "your thyroid panels are within normal levels, how's your Bi-polar meds working?" me - "ughh the neurologist took me off them b/c of the reaction I was having to the drugs, so I'm now un-medicated as I have a reaction to all the drugs currently on the market."

    Nutritionist - " you need to detox your liver with a cayenne, maple syrup and lemon juice cleans for 20 day" I tried this and only made it 4 days I was miserable and was at this point I started researching what was good for me/bad for me...

    PT - who treated me after an accident - "you need to do more cardio, not lift weights. lifting weights won't help your strength and flexibility return - cardio will" - WTF? I ignored this idiot

    Went in to see a pcp for a internal chemical reaction/allergy to some medications - ended up he was on vacation and I saw an intern who didn't know squat - "what your experiencing isn't a chemical reaction/allergy, its your fibromyalgia acting up. Here's a muscle relaxer go home and go to bed." I walked out of that appointment, then walked up to neurology and asked to see my neuro - told the nurse what was going on - and he moved back all his appts to see me. his response "You're having a chemical reaction/allergy to the medication you are on for your migraines/bi-polar disorder. You're stopping all this medication today. Normally I'd wean you off these meds - but this is a toxicity issue. We'll get you an iv of saline, check you into the er so we can flush your system and monitor you while you "detox" of these meds. From now - the only thing you should ever take for migraines is fierocet or excedrine migraine. As for your bi-polar, there's not much else we can do but monitor you on a quarterly basis. Now you've got to make sure you eat high quality meats, leafy greens, and veggies everything else should be considered condiments and you also need to start seeing a chiropractor" my Neuro's a pretty smart fellow.

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    From my marathon runner husband: Count calories, run more and faster. (He's been b!tching about his love handles since we met 15 years ago. He's in great physical health, he's fit and in the Air Force, but he has no clue just how Primal would make him happy.)

    From my runner friends who are trying to lose weight: More running! But why can't I lose the weight? I'm following all the things I'm supposed to do! (Many of these people, whom I truly like, are capable of completing full marathons but are struggling with weight issues; some are very overweight)

    Everyone else: Calories in, calories out. (Yeah, but how come I gained weight, or stayed steady, when I had more calories out? Now I eat more, do less and fit smaller clothing.)

    A fave: The sun will kill you! (Or, if I don't see enough sunshine and feel it warm me I go crazy and feel sad and depressed. That might kill me.)

    My last doc: Well, your numbers are okay now (my triglycerides went from 250 to 74!) but with all that fat you're eating you will certainly die early.

    Runner friends: How can you run on so few carbs? You are going to collapse. Your body can't burn fat alone for fuel. (Unless that's what it's got to burn, then it will. And I will be fit and you will be fat.)

    I am not fit yet. I am getting there. I am working hard at this and Primal has truly changed my life. I am grateful for this place. I am all for the "to each his own" way of thinking when it comes to diet however. We all, whether veg or HGC (or is it HCG) or WW or whatever, have a tightly held opinion and our own insistence that our way is best. I just can't stand when I can show results and they tell me it's not right. I'll never tell a veg he is wrong; I'll just be polite and eat my steak and butter!
    Starting weight: 168 lbs
    Current weight: 168 lbs
    Goal weight: whatever makes me look strong and healthy!

    Current goal: No More Muffin Top!!
    a real pushup, a real pull-up, weekly sprints

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    From my Ob/Gyn, upon noting that I had gained back some of the weight I had lost: "You have to be careful-maybe add 10 mins to your runs every week, and reduce each meal by 100 calories. You don't want to gain all that weight back". She also struggles with her weight-from one year to the next she could be up or down 50 pounds. I love her dearly, but she's as caught up in CW as I once was. Next time I see her, I'll share PB with her - I bet she'll be open to it.

    From the nutritionist that I saw in order to keep myself from gaining back all that weight: "You have to weigh everything. One cup of cereal is not the same as 8 oz of cereal. That's the only way you will know for sure that you are eating the right number of calories each day." That may have been my rock-bottom moment - I knew there was no way I could manage to be that precise every single morning for the rest of my life.

    From the WW leader (there was a lot of bad advice here...): "These new WW brownies have only 2 points each. I eat one every night as a treat for sticking with the program the whole day." The discussion that followed about how hard it was to eat just one brownie was absolutely priceless! I may have been getting horrible advice, but I was with people who understood that there's no such thing as stopping at just one!

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    From the free consultation with the RD at my gym, about 2 years ago:

    RD: Tell me about your meals
    Me: Typical breakfast is 1/2 cup of oatmeal, then banana for a snack, small cup of soup for lunch, 1/2 sandwich for mid-afternoon snack, salad with grilled chicken for dinner, with a small piece of chocolate for dessert. I stay right around 1350 calories per day.
    RD: Oh good, you are eating 5x a day and staying well within your recommended calorie range. You're doing everything right.
    Me: Well, I'm still not losing weight. Any ideas?
    RD: Keep it up, and I am sure you will reach your goals.
    Me: No, seriously, it's been almost a year, and I'm not losing weight. Ideas?
    RD: You can reduce your calories more if you'd like to lose weight faster.
    Me: But I'm working out 2-3 hours most days and if I eat less I feel sick.
    RD: Well, just keep doing what you're doing... you're doing great!
    Me: Um ok, thanks.

    Basically, "you're doing everything right, so it will work". Only it wasn't. Funny.

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