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Thread: Family Going Primal - REALLY EXCITED!!

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    Family Going Primal - REALLY EXCITED!!

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    So I had to post this somewhere because I'm super stoked.

    My family consists of my parents and two older brothers. Well, earlier this year (around October) my oldest brother came to visit and, after seeing the way I eat, we had lots of lengthy discussions about the PB lifestyle and he seemed pretty excited about it. It took him a while to get started but since January he has been incorporating the PB way of eating and exercising into his lifestyle and has the book and is reading it. I got a text from him the other day that said, "Just started reading the PB this week... wow, are Americans unhealty!" Also saw a facebook post that said he just did his first barefoot sprint workout.


    After discussion with me and my older brother, my middle brother asked me about an eating/workout plan that he could follow after completing P90X. I, of course, pointed him to PBF and the PB and actually got him the book for Christmas (along with the cookbook). He and his wife have been doing that and as far as I know are Primal (or partially Primal) now.

    It's get's better!

    I talked with my Dad this morning and found out that, after visiting my middle brother and his wife in CA and having Primal fare (a breakfast specifically) as well as being sent some links from him, my parents have since bought the book and the cookbook and are eating Primal meals for dinner and slowly incoporating the rest while reading and learning from the PB! He's also, as he's almost 60, going to start doing PBF as his fitness routine because he saw immediately upon reading that it is sustainable. At one point he said that he made that Primal Breakfast and was good until well after lunch as opposed to when he used toeat a bowl of cereal and would be hungry like an hour later!

    I am so STOKED right now! Since going Primal myself almost a year ago, it seems that I've gotten my whole immediate family to do the same (or at least start down that path)! That just made my week!

    Had to share - thanks!
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    Welcome! Now that's great news; the whole family! It's so much easier when the people you eat with share a dietary philosophy. Hope to see more of you on MDA.
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    Thats fantastic I'd for sure call it a success story!

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    That's amazing, Ransom! It'd be great if you started a "My Primal Tribe" Primal blog. I don't think there are many extended families that are Primal and it'd be awesome to read more, with input from yourself and other members of your family, as well.

    Regardless, that's great news for them and very encouraging news for you!
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    Ransom - You have a very open minded family - lucky you and good on your parents for raising kids (and obviously being that way themselves) that are able to take in new information, evaluate it and make changes based on data rather than habit and societal norms!

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    Very cool!

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    Sweet wish my family would wise up. I think the high fructose corn syrup gods are powerful though.
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