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Thread: Weight Lifting with shoulder injury

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    Weight Lifting with shoulder injury

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    6 months ago I had a random incident of pulling my arm in a weird way and now I'm unable to lift my shoulder past my chest or pull it behind me. I've seen a massage therapist and will be going for physio therapy. Anyway, my question would be if I can still weight train within reason? So far, I am using really light weights with more reps and lift as far as I'm able without causing pain. Just curious if anyone else had this experience and what they have done. I've been told that this injury will take a long time to heal and I don't wish to give up on strength training my upper body
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    Your description doesn't really describe the injury properly but it sounds as though, if you are currently able to use light loads, that you'll be ok. What physio exercises are you doing? And what strength training exercises do you find difficult?

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    Hey buddy if you don't heal that problem than you should consult to a specialist doctor and get properly cured of that one....
    Make some therapy of it and get some medicine with the help of a physician....

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