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Thread: Is Sugar Toxic? (From the New York Times)

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    Is Sugar Toxic? (From the New York Times)

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    I think we all know the answer... but I thought it interesting that it made it into the mainstream NYT...
    Peak weight on Standard American Diet: 316.8 lbs
    Initial Weight When Starting Primal: 275 lbs
    Current weight: 210.8 lbs
    Goal weight: 220 lbs (or less): MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    The way "" should have looked:

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    Written by Gary Taubes. Sugar has been more difficult for me to cut completely than grains. I've decided to stop the daily chocolate cheats, and now I'm working on the sugar or honey in my tea.

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    Don't you know the rules?! Don't talk about religion, politics or Gary Taubes! Bah!

    Nah, kidding.

    I enjoyed the longer article he did a week ago. I see sugar as a contextual toxin, always a poor choice but not always such a terrible choice. It can cause steatosis and is undeniably linked to diseases and obesity in assessments of populations but these populations also have high levels of inflammation and deficiencies in important nutrients like choline that prevent the steatosis. It can raise triglycerides potently although depending upon nutrient status and inflammation it will generate less triglycerides and more glycogen. It feeds pathogens but again the catalyst appears to be an insufficient junk diet. Also it appears to be dose-dependent so a little like 20g in some cheesecake a few times a week is different than slugging pepsi. Only very healthy people are candidates to consume sugar in a benign manner. The way that people tend to consume it in North America is anything but benign.

    HFCS is an interesting kink in the issue. People say that it is the same as sucrose but we know that the speed that fructose hits the liver partially determines its lipogenic effect. HFCS has free fructose which doesn't have to be snapped by sucrase, although we can expect both to hit the liver sufficiently quickly to contribute to the fatty liver.

    Definitely not just an empty calorie
    Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

    Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!

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    Every single person who consumed sugar before 1887 is now dead. Sad but true.

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