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    Somewhat OT: Any Game of Thrones fans?

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    I say somewhat OT, because I wanted to link to my Grain-Free Game of Thrones Feast that I made for the HBO premiere.

    Any fans of the books here? Did you watch the HBO show? I plan on making a main dish from the books every Sunday for the next 9 weeks--I'll put them on my blog.

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    Hells yeah. The books rock though I have been going mental for the last seems like dozen years waiting for the newest. I was really happy with how the show turned out. I'll definitely check out your blog. if you figure out a grain free lemon cake you will be my GF's hero.

    Just went to the blog...holy hells. I am totally watching the next episode at your house. That food rocks! And a grain free lemon cake. You are my new hero.
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    I have given Camelot on Starz and Game of Thones a try... I freaking LOOOOVE Camelot (cos I love Eva Green!) but not quite sure what I think of Game of Thrones yet... but I've only seen one episode... I'll continue to give it a try...
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    We watched it on Sunday. Hubby read book but i haven't yet. i liked it!
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    Yep! Love the books - getting tired of waiting for A Dance with Dragons, though...

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    LOVE it! I can't wait until they get more into Tyrion and The Hound's characters.

    "The things I do for love" had my stepmom gasping. She'd never read the books. And whoa, the dude they got for Viserys is perfect.

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    Watching it tomorrow night or sometime Thursday. Will give my review then.

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    I just downloaded the first book onto my e-reader, once I finish the last of the Girl with the Dragon tattoo book, I'll be starting it. We don't subscribe to HBO up here (its part of a package, that would cost me big bucks monthly to get that channel, and its the only channel we'd watch!). I will however have my husband acquire a copy.
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    Watched the first episode last much sex! Maybe it was just the mood I was in but I got tired of all the banging going on. Are the books as bad?

    I think it has potential, I'm going to keep watching but can't say I'm really a fan yet.
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    LOVE the books, dying for the next (already pre-ordered for my Nook) and loving the HBO series. So far, I've enjoyed the casting. And I think they did a good job of introducing the crazy plots in a pretty clear way. I wish there were more book series that were as good. The only other that I've enjoyed as much is the Acacia series by David Anthony Durham.

    The books have a lot of sex- I tell my friends it's like Harry Potter with an R rating. Not sure what George RR Martin would say about that, though.

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