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    From Dr.William Davis blog (check the pubMed link):

    There are many reasons why the dietary-heart-cholesterol hypothesis should be questioned, and why statins might be acting in some other way to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Here, I propose that rather than being cholesterol-lowering drugs per se, statins act as vitamin D analogues, and explain why. This proposition is based on published observations that the unexpected and unexplained clinical benefits produced by statins have also been shown to be properties of vitamin D. It seems likely that statins activate vitamin D receptors.</blockquote>

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    News flash! Man copies nature!

    Seems reasonable on the face of it.

    My understanding is that statins don&#39;t do much for those who haven&#39;t had a cardiac incident. Yes, they lower cholesterol, but as WE know, so what? And then there&#39;s the counterpoint of people dying from them.

    Of course, there isn&#39;t any huge corporate profit in a bottle of D supps, is there?

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