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    Echinacea, GoldenSeal (root), Elderberry Syrup (amazing!), Vitamin D, "Oscillococcinum" (Homeopathic Drug). Gave all of these to my sick kiddos last night and this morning the 3 yr old looked perfectly fine, after only one day of this 'crud' and the 10 yr old didn't have a fever.

    Anything with 'heat', like Cayenne Pepper (you can find them in capsule form) will get the blood moving and helps to kill the bugs too.

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    A good 30 minutes in the sauna till you can't take it anymore

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    this recipe per Chris Kresser will knock a cold out if you catch it early. use a juicer:

    -1 inch (about a "thumb" size) of ginger
    -tsp cayenne pepper
    -3 oz apple cider vinegar
    -juice of a whole lemon
    -1/2 tsp turmeric
    -5 cloves of garlic
    -enough water to make it about 8-12 oz

    make more and sip constantly throughout the day.
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    Lots and lots of ascorbic acid.
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    Airborne usually works for me-basically a big dose of Vitamin C with other vitamins and herbs.

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