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    Best Hiking Trip in the World?

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    For my 40th birthday I'd like to take a week or so and do some great hiking trip with friends and family. We'd like something pretty challenging, but not so challenging that it turns into something like "Into Thin Air."

    I thought of maybe the Inca Trail, but wanted to see if any of you all have any recommended hiking trips you'd suggest. I'm open to anywhere in the world. I only have about a week, though . . .
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    The Colorado trail would be a great one.

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    I hear great things about the John Muir Trail....

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    Two thoughts.

    Milford Trek in NZ (rated one fo the best in the world)

    Inn to Inn hike through the black forest (my wife and I did this and it was a fabulous hiking vacation) - Famous for the waterfall and cuckoo clock is Triberg, Germany. | German Black Forest

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    my top choice for a hike world wide would easily be machu pichu. but there are plenty of places that i would like to go...kilamanjaor, fuji, ayers rock, the tetons

    when are you thinking about doing this? in the have to hike new england. it's just hard enough to make you appreciate the work you're doing, and visually stunning.

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    The Inca Trail was the nadir of my existence...four days in the pouring rain unable to see any of the beautiful scenery around us. So I definitely recommend going when it's far away from rainy season (I went the week after it was supposed to have ended, which it retrospect seems really stupid). It's a wonderful walk that is appropriate for a wide range of fitness abilities and seeing Machu Picchu firsthand was an extremely moving experience for me. I felt like I was on top of the world!
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    The Overland Track between Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair in Tasmania - Parks & Wildlife Service - Introduction

    Should only be attempted in the Southern summer - I saw snow and I did it in the middle of summer
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    Yellowstone. Shashone Trail / Shashone Lake. And don't forget to spend time in the Tetons. AWESOME!!!!!
    Bring fishing poles for both. Wyoming/Montana guest permits are expensive and a must, but if you get caught without one, your fine is very sever.

    have fun
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    The Chilkoot Trail from Dyea to Bennet Lake (Alaska-Yukon) is pretty amazing.

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    I've heard great things about Gros Morne. I was supposed to hike it this summer but the trip had to be cancelled.
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