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    @bobbylight, is there any evidence for this "max damage at 4%" thing? Doesn't make much sense to me.

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    The evidence has been posted in this very thread.

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    Niklas...not that I can find. I don't have access to these studies that stephen does though, so I don't know. And I'm not going to pay $20 just to look at them.

    To be honest, I have never taken a single college level science class. I don't know much about biology and how things work in your body once ingested. But, even with my limited knowledge, it does not make sense that there is max damage at 4% of calories. If it was maybe a percentage of fats in general, or something like that, I could maybe rationalize it. But how would ingesting extra protein or carbs (adding calories to your diet thus making your percentage of n-6 lower) would have any effect on how much damage is done by n-6. Maybe there is some biological reason for this assertion that I am missing, but it just doesn't seem right.

    According to Stephen, the omega-6 HUFA in tissue maxes out at 4% of calories. Why this isn't a specific number of grams I don't know.

    Either way I don't think it is that big of a deal. Nuts and olive oil have been proven time and time again to be heart healthy. And the omega 3:6 ratio does not seem to have the studies to back it. So in my opinion eating nuts and olive oil is a good idea.

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    I just had about half a cup of freshly made hazelnut butter... you're telling me it's not good for my heart? It's very, very happy right now... yummmmmm

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    Last night I tanned a whole bag of roasted cashews. That&#39;s over 1000 calories worth of nuts, and with some sunflower oil thrown in for good measure. So tasty, but the horrible veg oil aftertaste (which I can still taste now!) and slight feeling of sickness puts me off doing it again. If that&#39;s beneficial to my heart then all the better, although the sunflower oil probably cancelled out any benefit from the nuts!

    Anyway I see nuts as a semi-treat, kinda like fruit: they may have some benefit but the negative aspects rule out making them a staple. Main reason I got them last night was because I had already eaten SO MUCH MEAT that day so wanted a change! And the reason I ate the whole pack... Well, they&#39;re addictive, and I had to occupy myself somehow during the long walk home....

    Nobody seems to have mentioned soaking nuts in this thread yet, unless I missed it. Soaking nuts overnight in salt water is supposed to kill off the antinutrients (phytates), making them slightly healthier. Sometime I&#39;m gonna get some raw cashews, soak them, roast them, and add salt and pepper (but no veg oil!!). The result should be tastier and healthier than the supermarket crap I had last night.

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    We fry our cashews in ghee. Tastes real good. Very difficult to avoid.

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