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Thread: Nuts are very good for heart health!

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    Here's a quote from a previous post of mine related to Omega ratios in nuts.

    And for some nuts, the ratio really does not matter much.

    "It's been mentioned on this forum that Almonds have a *horrible* omega-3 to 6 ratio of 1 to 2010!

    That sounds horrendous! 2010 times more omega 6 than omega 3?? Stay *away* from those devil inducing omega 666 almonds!

    So maybe we should eat the all mighty Walnut, which as a favorable 1 to 4 ratio of omega 3 to 6. (Four times more omega 6 than 3.)

    And you could go down your entire food list and eliminate the foods with the worst ratios, and only pick the ones with the best ratios.

    So you could get rid of Olive oil because it has about a 1 to 10 ratio, and keep walnut oil because it has a 1 to 4 ratio, etc.

    But at the end of the day... You're headed for trouble, why?

    Check out the TOTAL omega 6 count you're getting from those "favorable" omega ratios.

    Lets say you ate 1 handful of walnuts:

    That would give you about 3 grams of Omega 3.

    And about 14 grams of Omega 6.

    (Pretty good ratio)

    But compare that to Almonds: (One handful)

    Almonds = very little Omega 3 (almost none)

    But only 5 grams of Omega 6.

    So by choosing almonds (with the horrible 1:2010 ratio) we've reduced our Omega 6 intake by almost 10 grams.

    And if you want to "balance" that back into a better ratio, all you'd have to do is get a gram or two of Omega 3 to get yourself back into balance. (Fish oil tabs would prob do the trick.)

    You could even go for nuts with even less Omega 6 in them such as cashews at about 4 grams per handful, or macadamia nuts at about .5 grams per handful. Even though they have *bad* ratios."

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    Here's a pretty conclusive post showing that tissue ratios of O6:O3 are incredible predictors of cardiovascular disease:

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    I don't think primals condemn nuts in small amounts (an ounce or two a day, for example.) I think the MAIN POINT that they're trying to get across is that you shouldn't be eating a cup or so of ANY nut a day. (I'll say it again...MODERATION...) Nuts are a SNACK and should be treated like one...Moderately, and on occasion...

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    Jess and Erik said what I had to say.

    I am often one to point out the O6 content in nuts, but it is usually to someone who is eating a lot of nuts. I think nuts should be treated as a snack, like fruit, they are a seasonal treat for grok.

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    OTB, you said "But don't pretend that (nuts) are good for you when the preponderance of evidence is otherwise. "

    Can you find me some of this evidence, because all the evidence I can find says that nuts are good for your health. I have yet to find any evidence that says otherwise. You could say that every person that eats nuts in all these different studies just live healthier lifestyles, but that is far more of an unlikely assumption that nuts are good for you and the omega 3:6 ratio isn't as important as some people believe it to be.

    And as for the jews in israel, how do you know that they don't eat otherwise unhealthy diets. That is a far easier assumption to make than the claim that everyone that eats nuts just are healthier in general. Also, I am willing to bet that someone that has a high omega ratio due to nuts is going to be in a lot better shape than someone who is going to have a high omega ratio due to vegetable oils...many of which contain some trans fats that have been proven to be detrimental to heart health.

    I just find it funny that you say the evidence points to nuts being unhealthy, yet I can't find any of this evidence. Can you point me to it?

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    While we're on the topic of nuts, has anyone ever developed a nut allergy that they previously did not have?

    About a month ago, my entire body broke out in hives about 2 hours after eating a handful (8-10) almonds. Since then, I've tested the hypothesis that almonds were in fact the culprit, and they definitely are. Needless to say, I was really bummed because I loved snacking on almonds! I don't think I over did it, either. I'd only have them a few times a month and would often go months without having any. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else out there had a similar experience.

    Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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    MariaNYC, someone else just posted saying the exact same thing:

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    Nuts were not a seasonal treat to grok, humans have always stored all the nuts they could and nut shells have been found in almost all european paleo sites.

    nuts comprise also the 70% of what certain primitive healthy population eat. Many studies reveal people who eat nuts have better hematic profile and cardiovascular conditions. Some were just old boring epidemiology but others were interventional.

    nuts in mark's diet are more than a snack as they're a main part of his most important meal: the giant salad.

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    I don&#39;t know, this whole ratio thing just doesn&#39;t add up considering all the research that is out there.</blockquote>

    Read wholehealthsource blog. Basically does what you are asking. The brilliant guy there has taken all of the past research and cast in the light of O6:O3 ratio. The results are pretty convincing.

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    mark doesn&#39;t treat nuts as simple snack as they&#39;re a component of its main most important meal: the giant salad.</blockquote>

    The main player in the BAS is leafy greans, the nuts are like croutons. I wouldn&#39;t use a green salad to prove that the Primal diet should be 70% nuts.

    Also, I am willing to bet that someone that has a high omega ratio due to nuts is going to be in a lot better shape than someone who is going to have a high omega ratio due to vegetable oils.</blockquote>

    And I think this is where the "health benefits" of nuts come in. When compared with people who snack on corn chips with people who snack on nuts, the nut eaters win in health. To really prove that nuts are responsible for the good health and it&#39;s not the seed-oils that are responsible for the bad health, you really need a intervention study. I haven&#39;t read one of those for nuts. I have seen those with seed-oils.

    I&#39;m not sure where the emotion came from for this thread, I thought nuts were on the good list?

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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