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Thread: Gallstone vs. PB

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    Gallstone vs. PB

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    I am new to PB, just recently read Marks' Book and posts in forum. I am planning to implement PB in my life, however I have one concern and perhaps I could get help from senior members here.

    I have a gallstone in my gallbladder and I am not planning to remove it since it is manageable and as long as I carefully watch what I ate, it doesn't bother me at all.

    I learned that PB diet is mostly heavily relying on eating fatty food (coconut cream, etc) and I am afraid that this will make my right stomach hurt like hell (esp. in night) if I eat lots of fatty food.

    Before trying to go Primal, I would like to ask for suggestion whether it is safe for me to continue?

    Please kindly help.

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    well, I'm not a doctor, I can only speak for my experience. I had multiple small stones in my gallbladder, and once I stopped eating grain, the pain stopped almost overnight. It was freaking amazing. I've been able to eat fatty foods without pain now for almost a month, and before fatty foods would have left me crying in pain.

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    If you don't keep the bile flowing you will develop more stone so don't go too low on the fat.
    Also primal is not necessarily high fat but adequate. Make sure you're getting some.

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    I wish I had found Primal before my emergency gallbladder removal.

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