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Thread: People who are not primal

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    I'd say absolutely nothing unless someone asks me. And why?

    Because I seriously don't give two s***s what they think or eat and would rather avoid the argument.

    I also agree with Raphael. Just wait until a family member begins to have high cholesterol and/or blood sugar and then suddenly your advice is golden.......

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    "Others here suggest saying you have gluten intolerance or some such condition.."

    unless one actually has this condition...why lie?

    regardless if they believe you, it's still making a big deal of something that shouldn't be a big deal.

    mrd232's got the right of it...don't say anything unless someone says something first.

    if they ask why..just tell 'em you're fine with what you have or whatever. no need to get into the PB-rant or make up excuses (gluten intolerance) and so forth.

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    Being a geek, I actually have a little diabetic glucose meter I'll take to family/friend gatherings. I just tell folks "I'm watching my blood sugar" which is true, show them the meter, and the peer pressure is off.

    You just have to decide if you wanna go brash and bold, fly under the radar, or outright lie about having a condition to excuse yourself from partaking of poor food choices. Depending on your relationship with folks at the gathering, you can tailor your approach.

    It is nice to commiserate with other Primal/Paleo people, but don't let folks opinions here get you down. Do whatever makes the situation easier for you, and be flexible in your approach as the situation dictates.

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    What Raphael is suggesting definitely works. I've been talking about my diet to my good friend (I don't share it w/ people I don't feel comfortable with). She would always say how I have a self-control and that she just doesn't have the discipline to follow a similar diet. She called up this weekend and told me her husband's triglycerides are high and the dr. advised to start medication ASAP but he requested the doc to give him 3 months so he can bring it under control with dietary changes. And I shared w/ her information about the diet. She's a physician herself btw.

    Brooki, I completely empathize with you. My m-i-l is the same. She thinks I'm starving myself and her son. Every time I talk to her over the phone, she's always concerned about what we ate and the days I tell her I made rice or lentils (for the mister), she sounds relieved. She is obese, diabetic, has hypothyroidism and is on medication. I've tried my best to help her make dietary changes but she's stuck in her ways. She's a vegetarian and the fact that I feed my husband meat is of great concern to her. Anyway, thankfully, she lives in a different continent and I have to worry about my diet only when I visit her, which is for a month once a year. Like the others have mentioned, ignore what your m-i-l thinks, I know it's easier said than done, I'm like you too. I was constantly worried about hurting my in-laws feeling but at the end of the day, it's my health and only I'm responsible for it. Good luck to you.

    ETA: AcmeBike, "watching my blood sugar" is a great line to use. We are all indeed watching our blood-sugar with this diet but people will automatically assume you are pre-diabetic or diabetic and not perster you with questions.

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    I sometimes say that I have to watch my blood sugar because it goes kind of crazy with carbs and diabetes runs in the family. I use this argument around people I meet for professional reasons or who I won't see often.

    Unfortunately, many people tend to frown upon anything "different". Many think it's some sort of personal statement or an attempt to challenge the status quo. Or they think that you are just plain conflictive and weird. All these arguments could be perfectly used against you if your job requires you to engage in team work or to interact with clients.

    I think it's pointless to risk having issues at work for standing my ground on a topic that is not even work related and which they probably won't understand anyway, so why bother?

    I also think this applies to one's political family if the main goal to build a harmonious relationship with them.

    The only times I standy ground and take the time to explain my lifestyle is when I genuinely care about someone's well-being.

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    It's really hard when all my family lives in Australia (Where I am from) and so I only have my partners family here and we go there all the time so i felt I should be up front and tell her. They are very opinionated when it comes to nearly everything. I was speaking to her yesterday and she thinks I should run this by her nutritionist and my doctor. I told her that I have never felt better, looked better and I have no slump or crash everyday like I used to. I said that if she is concerned or wants to know more go to these websites etc and I left it at that.

    I am just going to continue this and hopefully my progress will be proof enough. As Maba said I am responsible for my health and I should be able to choose what I put into my body at the end of the day. She would have been all for it if I had lied and said I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or something.

    Thanks for all the feedback.

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