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    WOW...I'm looking forward to having my first 30-days with this program. It's exciting to think of all the possibilities I am exposing myself to with a change of attitude over my food choices. Thanks, Mark, for sharing your research and passion!!

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    Day 1:

    Overall, yesterday was a good day. I'm focusing on making small changes at a time so that I have lasting results. Here's what I accomplished yesterday:

    B: Two Eggs and three slices bacon

    S: Protein shake

    D: Two beef patties with sauteed onion, mushroom and broccoli as well as Parmesan cheese, and cream sauce; mashed butternut squash.

    S: Chamomile Tea

    I'm working on detoxing from some of my bad habits, namely excessive am taking it easy on activity as my body is adjusting and overall feel tired and sluggish.

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    Day 2:

    Had a crazy busy day yesterday...but not too busy to keep myself primal.

    B: Protein shake

    D: 10 oz. Sirloin Steak and Spinach Salad

    Had a medical procedure in the middle of the day...wasn't really allowed to eat too much.

    My headache has migrated from the base of my skull to the front of my forehead and behind my eyes. Maybe I'm finally at the tail end of this whole initial detox thing...

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    How many calories are you eating a day? It seems low.

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    Hi Bobby...thanks for the has been a little low these last few days as I've not really had much of an appetite. I've been detoxing, thus a very achy body and headache. So, not much of an appetite...but I'm sure that will increase in the next few days

    Day 3:

    B: Scrambled eggs and Bacon

    S: Handful Walnuts

    D: Roasted Pork Loin, Spinach salad with pear, sliced almonds, cucumber, onion and mushroom. Made a vinaigrette of mustard, mayo, balsalmic and olive oil.

    S: Raw yogurt from goat's milk and berries.

    Not been feeling very energetic...but I know in a day or so I'll be resuming my normal routines.

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    Day 4:

    L: Carne Asada with veggies, guacamole, sour cream, cheese.

    S: Handful walnuts, soft cheese, apple

    D: Chicken Breast with asparagus and broccoli with an apricot glaze

    Energy if feeling a bit better...headache has diminished significantly. Think I will take a long walk tomorrow.

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    Day 5:

    L: Chicken salad with pecans, grapes, onion and celery

    D: Mussels, Meatballs with sauteed mushrooms and cream, roasted butternut squash with onion, garlic and Brussels sprouts.

    Still having a hard time with appetite...headache was progressively worse throughout the day. Have increased water and Omega's...hopefully today will be a better day...

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    Day 6:

    It was a great day. My darlin' husband took such great care of me

    B: Egg Omelet and Bacon

    S: Chicken Salad, same as Day 5

    D: Roasted Chicken with Roasted Veggies, Same as Day 5

    My headache is much better and I'm feelin' more energetic. Thank goodness!!

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    Day 7:

    B: Egg Omelet

    D: Almond encrusted Salmon with a Cream Cheese and Goat Cheese cream sauce and Steamed Broccoli

    S: Small handful of dark chocolate chips

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    Day 8:

    I don't remember exactly what I ate throughout the day...I only remember dinner.

    D: Baked Chicken with Tomato and Calamata Olive sauce with parmesan, mashed cauliflour and salad.

    Day 9:

    L: Romaine salad with grape tomatoes, avacado, bacon, chicken and dressing.

    D: Hamburger pizza, crust was ground beef, sauce, mushrooms, black olives and cheese.

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