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Thread: First day under 100g of carbss!!

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    First day under 100g of carbss!!

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    Oh yeah, 75-80g WOOHOO FAT-BURNING MODE
    Question: is it normal that - in order to quell sugar/carb cravings - I overate a tiny bit? I had one of those coconut-butter ball things cos I was craving sugar and they like KILLED my appetite cos they're...well...BUTTER balls. So my calories were a bit higher than usual, but my carbs were lower. Is this going to become a pattern and then a hurdle for my weight loss or is it just a matter of waiting until my body switches fuels?

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    LOL! If you keep at it, it won't be long before 50-80 g is just a normal day, nuthin' special or peculiar about it.

    I "overate" and got leaner for my first several months of eating primal. However, I was highly active (regular strength training, sprints, and an uncommon level of general daily movement).

    You're probably just fine.
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    Part of what happened with me was I had to start trusting the process. I would eat before I was hungry, or eat too much, thinking that I was going to need it. As I found out, I wasn't that hungry, and I didn't need the extra, so I just stopped when I felt full.

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