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Thread: Any primal cysters?

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    I was hoping to see more weight loss than I am, I'm a solid 5 almost 6 months in, and its a slow but steady thing for me. BUT! I feel so much better. Its a long road I'm walking for sure, but I can honestly say I'm slowly getting better. Am I ok? Nope. Will I get there? Yep, I'm finally starting to believe. If I make it about weight loss, I toss a mental hissy fit and beat myself up and go all whiny, and throw myself a big pity party. I just have to stay focused on the fact that I'm feeling better, and that the slow but steady weight loss is an added bonus.

    I do envy the people that lose huge amounts of weight fast tho!

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    3 month mark

    I just want to thank everyone for their comments. Just recently I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on a low dose of Synthryroid. I do agree with Kandy, that very low carb is the way to go. I did cut out the 30 Day Shred and just keep up with the walks and do some squats, pushups and lunges for good measure. So far, I've lost 15 pounds in 3 months. I started at 226 and now I'm 211. Not a big difference in how I look but I do feel and sleep better.
    I'm still playing around with what works diet wise. I"m pretty sure that dairy stalls weight loss for me and any kind of fruit has the same effect. The double whammy of PCOS and low thyroid means that I have to be extra vigilant in my diet and exercise. It is a delicate balance. I look forward to hear more about how others are coping and success stories that stem from following a primal lifestyle.

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    IR, PCOS and former hypothyroidism over here.
    I say former hypothyroid because as soon as I cut all the soy out of my diet, my thyroid panel came back completely different and normal without meds. I am soy sensitive though. It causes major swelling and pitting edema in me.

    I made major inpmrovements in my pcos over two years ago when I went from veg/raw vegan to eating chicken and fish and eggs. I honestly think a large part of my IR was due to chronic protein deficiency. It was too hard on my former diet to get enough protein without eating 8,000 calories a day.
    I then in corporated the south beach diet and achieved an excellent body composition through low carb eating and tons of heavy weight lifting.
    I'm a big proponent of weightlifting, especially for IR.
    Just make sure to stay very low carb after adding fat to your diet. Severe IR with added fat and not reducing carbs is a disaster.
    I'm actually having a hard time with primal right now. Ugh.

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