Yes, I'm an RD, have been for 25 years now. I trained in the heyday of the low cholesterol/low fat research, back in the early eighties. It, of course, has been the basis of all our science and interventions since that time, until the recent gradual move towards recognizing the role of healthy fats and the start of the recognition of the dangers of high sugar and processed foods. My own professional path has been into geriatrics, where I consult to long term care as a self-employed dietitian. I have been able to move very slowly and gradually towards improved health interventions such as adding whole ground flaxmeal to all the hot cereal served in my homes to improve the omega-3 intakes. And Vit D supplementation across the board for all residents (most of these poor folks never get outside).

On a more personal note, I am much more of an experimenter. I have always struggled with 20-40 extra lbs, more when I was in active childbearing years. My highest non-pregnant weight was 171 lbs, a year after son #1 was born. I lost all the baby weight and 10 extra lbs and went into pregnancy #2 at 148 lbs. Spent most of their childhoods in the upper 150's to low 160's. When I turned 40, I decided to train for a walking marathon (I was a total non-runner, non-exerciser at the time). I completed the training for a full marathon (~5 months worth), and only lost about 5 lbs. I continued to run for the next 7 years, completing countless half-marathons as a runner, but still struggled with my weight.

Almost 4 years ago, I discovered the Shangri La diet while waiting for kids in a Chapters bookstore. It was an epiphany moment. The idea of taking straight, flavourless oil calories to affect a body's setpoint was soooo far out there, yet it made such good sense. At that moment, I had struggled from 153 to 150 lbs, but could not get my weight to go lower without misery and starvation. Within 2 weeks of starting SLD, I was at 146 lbs, busting through my longtime setpoint of 148-150, absolutely painlessly. I continued with SLD and was at my goal weight of 135 by 3 months later. It's not a lean weight for me, because I have a very fine bone structure (I'm 5'6"), but I felt like a million bucks. Maintained the upper 130's for over a year, but then slipped gradually up into the lower 140's. I have continued the oilshots most days up to the present, close to 4 years. It was my introduction to the concept of high fat diets and the health benefits of consuming more fats. I used either light olive oil or canola for my oilshots.

In ongoing research and experimentation to help me lose the elusive last 10 (or sometimes 20) lbs, I eventually worked my way around to lower carb, then higher fat, then Primal. I have discovered along the way that I really don't digest wheat well, and my longtime smelly evening gas issues vanished when eating wheat-free.

So here I am, starting a thread of my own to journal my experiences with the Primal lifestyle. Over the past year, I have:
Reduced my running thanks to a chronic Achilles injury, just this past week regained running without pain. (That's another story - I credit the Whole 30 for that!) I love running, it nourishes my soul. But I'm slow, very slow, so it qualifies at the Move Slowly part). I practice Chi-running principles to minimize injury risk.
Acquired a chin-up bar (I can only hang at this time, but my sons are loving it!). Goal is to do one real pull-up.
Asked for and received the PBP and PBP cookbook for Christmas, then promptly lent them to my obese brother. I'll get them back soon.
Started the Whole 30 for April. Went dairy free for the first time in my life. I'm losing weight, though I don't know how much until the end of the month.

I enjoy this forum community, though it seems dauntingly big. I am hoping to journal the remainder of this Whole 30 experience, and then hopefully the long and fruitful path of Primal living that is ahead.