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Thread: chicken bag all leaky-- is chicken ok?

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    chicken bag all leaky-- is chicken ok?

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    Hi all,

    I just got my chicken out of the fridge to put in the crockpot (it's a whole organic free-range chicken from Trader Joe's). The bag has leaked a ton of fluid out. The expiration is not for another week.... I should be ok, right?

    Input appreciated!

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    If it smells bad, or is very slimy (not just wet, but actively mucousy), then don't eat it. Just because the bag has a hole (which happens all the freaking time to me, so I always put the bird on a plate in the fridge) doesn't mean it's gone bad. Rinse it well under cool water, and prepare as usual. Save the livers and heart for breakfast!

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    happens all the time. I have a special bowl in the fridge just for thawing things.
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    thanks! I had a plate under it.

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