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Thread: So I made my first Squash dish lastnight...

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    So I made my first Squash dish lastnight...

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    Let me start off by saying I generally have an iron lined stomach. It takes a LOT for my belly to get upset. I used to drink a big bottle of NOS ( nasty energy drink ), half gallon of chocolate milk and two donuts almost every day for breakfast at work with no issues.....

    Well lastnight I made my first squash.. Butternut, cubed and cooked in butter with cinnamon and allspice.

    I enjoyed the flavor and had MAYBE a cup and a half worth of cubes. WIthin 20 minutes my belly was screaming at me and as a result, my butt was screaming at the toilet. FOUR TIMES in an hour. Excuse my honesty

    Anyone else have issues with Squash? Im tempted to eat some more today to see if it was a fluke

    P.s. I think field dressing a deer is easier than cutting up squash

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    Oh sorry that happened to you.

    My hubby has the exact same problem with butternut squash, but he is able to eat other kinds of squash.

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