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    Eating out, enjoyable or stressful?

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    I was visiting a friend at the weekend and we ate a few times. I was amazed at the lack of primal friendly options on the menu depending on where we were eating.It wasn't impossible though. I was glad to stay primal once I decided to mix and match from the menu.

    Sometimes I think "Oh I could make that better at home" and "is that all the vegetables - more please"

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    I hear you on being able to make it better/more enjoyable at home, and wanting more veggies. I never have a problem with BBQ places--unless they pre-drench everything in sauce. Luckily I'm in Texas and great BBQ is in abundance--I love Brisket and the vinegar based coleslaw!! Even at the Japanese grill I just ask for no rice, double the veggies--works out perfectly.

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    Yep, BBQ joints and hole in the wall chinese joints are about the most primal places you can eat out... luckily they tend to be the cheapest too!!!

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    We have a kick ass BBQ joint here in my town and they make amazing greens. No drenching in sauce either. Thinking next time I go, I may try the broccoli slaw.

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    I rarely eat out but when I do it's almost always at a friend's restaurant. He does almost everything on the grill with his own amazing sauce - buffalo ribs, wild boar ribs, wild salmon, locally grown rabbit and game hens are some of his most popular items, all served with a big mixed salad and grilled veggies. NO PROBLEMO with that menu. But when we go to the city my husband always wants fast food. I take a clue from the 'fast' part and simply wait until we get home to eat.

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    My family & friends freak out "OMG, What can you eat?" I just smile & say calmly "Anywhere there's MEAT."
    Steakhouses are my first choice, then BBQ places
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    I'm lucky to live in a city with quite a few locally owned places that are engaged with the whole-foods movement and source their ingredients locally and organically. Most of them are also happy to adapt items when asked, so it's pretty easy. Being celiac taught me that you can ask for quite a bit of modification on a dish when necessary, so I'm not shy about asking. Local places are usually better for this since chains often bring in a lot of sauces (and even whole dishes) pre-packaged and are not usually as flexible.
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    I don't eat out as much these days, but when I do I'm also fortunate to live in a city full of good local choices and not so keen on chains. I have very few problems finding good options when going out. Now other cities are not always so great because I don't have my 'go-to' places, but generally a steakhouse is my first choice.

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    I haven't eaten out since I started but my husband brought home takeout one night from a local burger place. It's been a bit of a tradition. He does it when he comes home from a trip. He did phone to ask if I could eat a burger. I said no problem I can just not eat the bun. They're great fresh made burgers so they are yummy. However he also showed up with a poutine which has always been a special treat for me. He just didn't think and felt so bad. He's still getting used to what I'm eating and not eating. Anyways I decided to have some anyways because it was that far off of primal. I haven't been eating potatoes and of course they were likely fried in vegetable oil but the gravy was real beef made in their kitchen. I'm also eating some cheese but not that much cheese. I did eat some but not my usual amount. I did get more tired after I ate it and the next day woke up with a huge hunger pang in my stomach but it was worth it. At least I know now that the odd poutine indulgence isn't going to hurt that much.

    I have thought about what I will eat when we do go out though. We have our favorite restaurants and most have enough variety that it should be fine. No more Tim Horton's breakfasts though unless I just eat the sausage and egg from a breakfast sandwich. No big loss.

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    Just had lunch with friend's at Chevy's. Didn't stress, ordered carnitas and left rice, bean, and tortillas for everyone else. Had a good time!

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