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    Coconut Bliss Bar or Balls

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    Does anyone have a recipe for such an animal?

    I bought 2 different packages of Bliss Balls from a whole foods store a few days ago, just to try them. One was hemp seed based, the other just a mash-up of different ingredients. I'm just getting over the food poisoning I had from eating them. I ended up tossing both boxes into the compost because I didn't know which one made me sick (I had one of each).

    The problem is - I liked them. A lot! I've been searching the net for a recipe that doesn't end up in a carb bomb by using raisins, dates, other dried fruit, etc. But I haven't been successful.

    I've searched the recipe database here and I didn't come up with anything either. I'd like something that is mainly coconut based.
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    Check out batty's blueberry butter balls. You can use coconut oil and/or butter to make them. They are addictive.
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