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Thread: Bodyweight only routines

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    Bodyweight only routines

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    Howdy Groks and Grokettes, I am looking for some body weight only workout recommendations. If you have read my journal you know I am all about lifting heavy iron, but my upcoming work will have me living in hotels and trailers so I may be only able to hit the heavy iron once or twice a month. Anyone have some good recommendations that don't require much equipment?
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    I'd get a set of iron woody bands to bring with me.

    Split Squats
    Overhead press

    With added resistance of the bands.

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    convict conditioning this probably your best bet. I think your equipment here includes a deck of cards.
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    I suppose the exercises are easy enough to think of... squats (and variations), pushups, etc. Making them more challenging/interesting is usually where the creativity comes in. Here are some of my tips:

    - Add a plyo/dynamic element. Example: instead of just doing squats, jump. Jumping for height and jumping for distance are two seriously overlooked but great ways to work legs. Example 2: clapping pushups and/or pullups. You get the idea.

    - Go unilateral. Example: pistol or shrimp squats, one arm pushups/pullups, etc.

    - Try isometrics. Think wall-sits, planks, side planks, various yoga poses, handstands, holding the bottom (or middle, top, whatever) of a pushup/pullup.

    Hmm, that's all I can think of right now. Hope something in there helps!

    Coincidently, I'm working out myself in about an hour -- and today is all bodyweight for me. I'm going to be doing mainly planche progressions and handstand pushups.

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    I have one I do at work with a set of dice (1 d6, 1 d20 (you can use another d6 and a multiplying factor.)) Assign one die a bodyweight exercise for each number. The other die is how many you do.
    My exercises:
    1) pistol squats (per side)
    2) dips
    3) Pull-up negatives on a door frame (can't do a positive yet)
    4) Push-ups
    5) Mountain climbers/ bicycle crunches (depending on my mood that day)
    6) "Work the Clock" (A remnant from my martial art days; there's a kick at each angle around you [front snap, Weng Chun, heel kick, side kick, back side stomp, Weng Chun, Back kick with each leg], run the "clock" the number of times shown on the 2nd die.)
    Do until failure or for a preset amount of time.
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    I would suggest never gymless

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    I've got some zero equipment workout routines on my blog. Also check out my master list of bodyweight exercises.
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    Check out The Daily Fitness Solution
    The Daily Fitness Solution Blog
    it's a good way to mix things up.

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    From a $20 pull up bar you can do a lot of stuff besides plain old pull ups… not to say pull ups aren’t awesome, because they absolutely are. However.

    - towel pull ups, roll a towel up and put it over your bar, you can either use this towel to do one arm work (by grabbing the bar with your working arm and grabbing the towel at around your shoulder height with the other arm) you can use it as a grip workout (and also I feel it engages your abs more as you struggle to not slip)
    - bed-sheet pull ups, same concept as the towel, but typically bed sheets are much bigger/longer so these provide more range of motion type stuff. You can grab them low enough to do push-ups from them (while the sheet is fixed on your bar)
    - it’d be wise for you to either purchase gymnastic rings or make a pair, I have mine (bought) on my door frame bar and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite strength tools. It’s unreal how these will test you! I feel like a pull up bar and adjustable rings are all you need to build a great upper body, leverage and creativity are all you need.

    Other than that check out some calisthenics videos on the web, there’s plenty to do. I would suggest trying to work towards a planche and a front lever (if you search the web there’s a great article by Coach Sommer on how to progress for both) the cool thing is that in your pursuit of both of these skills you’ll have to do some pre-requisite work and in the end you will be very strong.

    There’s a million types of push ups to do that can keep one busy and challenged for years.

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    Building the Gymnastic Body (Coach Sommer) is a great resource.
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