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Thread: Morning push ups

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    New poster from Southern UK(Sussex actually)...I suppose Grok would get up and have to get his breakfast by hook or crook or spear...unless he had something stored up.So he would have have been fairly active early in the morning.To mimic this would a simple circuit of push up,sit ups and squats( 50-100 of each)be a good start and not overdoing it?


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    Well a lot of us believe that he didn't eat breakfast.

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    Guy, iv been thinking of doing something similar, and my circuit is the same, incline and normal push up, squats, v ups and burpes, for 3 to 4 rounds, at 70 rep each. my question is is there a difference between doing this and doing interval sprints. I seem to feel a massive effect and sweat for about an hour after doing the bodyweight circuit, but find it hard to get the effect when i sprint. I can do 8 rounds of all out sprints for 30 secs, but come home feeling like i just went for a normal jog

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