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Thread: Water filters

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    Water filters

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    Has anyone used a Berkey water filter (Big Berkey, Royal Berkey etc)?

    Any reports, reviews, opinions etc.

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    I'm saving up for one. I've never heard a bad review for Berkey, they're spendy up front but reportedly very economical to use and can filter out all kinds of nasty stuff, including flouride.

    Berkey Light Water Filtration System, Water Purification Systems, Water Filters - Home Page

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    I know that I'm digging up an old thread but I purchased the Royal Berkey - 3 gallon and the Go-Berkey - Quart size for camping. Only been a couple of days, but the filters are fantastic. I no longer will have to bring along bottled water on camping trips if there's a water source near by.
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