I invented this recipe on the fly a couple days ago, great for before muscle work-out as it has lots of protein in it for the muscles and fruity carbs to fuel. I took an organic protein bar afterwards and felt great. The mixture of baked banana and a bit of pepper makes for a really nice taste and the meat ensures you're satieted.

- 300 grams of minced beef
- 1,5 to 2 bananas
- 1/8 coconut
- half a red bell pepper
- half a lettuce
- water

Preparing it:
1. Cook the beef meat for 10-15 minutes
2. Throw the bananas, pieces of coconut meat, bell pepper and a tiny bit of water in a blender and blend it into juice.
3. After the first 10-15 minutes of cooking the meat, you add the banana-coconut-bell pepper juice. Mix it well and cook for 5-7 minutes.
4. Serve the lettuce on the side for some bites of freshness.
5. Enjoy!

(it may look like puke, but it tastes great )

Grams Calories %-Cals
Fat 22.5 200 21 %
Carbohydrate 98.5 359 37 %
Protein 99.2 413 43 %
Calories: 974