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    Here's a link about the many reasons to go "bra free."

    I tend to go "bra light." I don't wear bras most of the time, but I do wear them with certain outfits when going out, or on dates with DH. my breasts are nice and full (c-cup), and right now, while i'm sorting out my left pec minor, the left one has a bit more "sag" than the right. I do wear dancer's tanks that have a "bra" in them, which is what the site above recommends if feel you need a little more support.

    ultimately, the muscles around and the tendons around the breasts support them, and there's really very little evidence that women going without bras end up with "breasts down to their knees.

    Yes, there is eventually sagging due to a loss of fat, loosening of skin overall -- but the amount of sag has to do with the original size of the breast and loss of fat.

    Breast feeding also doesn't "cause" sagging, but the breast tissue does have to re-do itself after nursing ends. My breasts are really interesting right now, because we're nursing 15 minutes a day. I think my breasts are trying to figure out whethr they should continue to produce milk, or just go back to being decorative.

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    I too am 5'5.5". Started my period and was a 34C by 11. I do not have PCOS. I am however older than both of you.

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    I dont even walk around my house without one. If I am staying in my PJ's all morning I put one one. So uncomfortable without
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    Wearing a bra doesn't decrease sagginess as you age, it's just a matter of comfort for those of us who aren't cute and small lol. If you're wearing the wrong size bra, like most women are, there has been some research that shows that cutting into the tissue actually increases sagging.

    That being said, I don't wear one at home, but I never leave the house without some kind of support.
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    Being a guy I have to say this thread is pointless without side by side pics of with a bra and without examples from everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by runnergal View Post
    I dont even walk around my house without one. If I am staying in my PJ's all morning I put one one. So uncomfortable without
    This. +1000

    I hate going braless, hate it hate it. I WISH I was little teeny so I could go braless all the time, but at my size it's much too uncomfortable.

    I presume that had I not grown up wearing a bra that wouldn't be an issue, and I feel pretty certain that if I went braless long enough, it would become my new SOP - I know that bra wearing is a pretty unnatural state. (But I don't care.)
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    Bras are optional for me. I prefer to go free bird, but definitely want that support when I'm running or jumping around.
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    I chose to wear a bra most of the time because it makes me look more shapely and I like that. I'm 50 with A cups, just as perky as they were decades ago (despite 2 nursed babies ~20 yrs ago), and all my extra weight below my waist. If I don't wear a bra, I look much flatter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bokbadok View Post
    VFF's aren't primal. Vit D supplements aren't strictly primal. Meal replacement protein powders aren't primal. Heck. Clothes aren't primal either, but we wear them because of cultural conventions. I rather like my clothes, and my bra. I'm keepin' 'em.
    I didn't suggest anything about bras in relation to primal; rather as a fitness issue. I wouldn't not want my clothes either, under or outer. : )
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    I'm new here but... and it feels weird to open up in such a way butttt: I'm braless the majority of the time, and that's cause I work from home. I have DD's. Here's the thing: I have cystic breasts, and when I don't wear one it's more comfortable. Make sense? If I gotta wear a bra, it's a smushin' sports bra. I hate underwire... I dunno if I'll EVER like it, but maybe when I'm thinner. I dunno.

    Just my 2 pennies.
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