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    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    Bra wearing doesn't actually prevent long-term sagging (but helps disguise it).
    Exactly. That said, if you have even medium-size boobs it can be uncomfortable (and is considered unprofessional) to go braless.

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    Needed or not, I am not giving up mine. I look better wearing a bra than going braless, and most of us who are any size at all do too.

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    The only time I go out in public sans bra is if I need to run out to the store on a Saturday morning and grab 1 item that I absolutely need. Otherwise the girls are covered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digby View Post
    Just pondering whether bra wearing is CW? Beyond corraling the jigglers for exercise, I wonder if there is any real difference in what happens to breasts of women in developed vs undeveloped cultures. Especially since wearing bras is fairly recent in historical terms.
    Do you want your TITS hanging down below your belly button?

    Gravity will make them sag & droop. Then you will have to toss them over your shoulders to walk around so you don't step on the poor things when you walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

    Real life photos here:

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    I said this to my DH when we first met:

    "They may look nice all trussed up babe, but when I let them out, they'll scare you to death!"

    I HAD to respond to this one. As one who is endowed with an ample bosom, unless I want to carry them around in a wheel barrow (d-cup), I need a bra. But I don't normally wear one around the house unless I'm exercising or having company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    There's no evidence that bra wearing prevents sagging, and there's some research to show that it may increase sag.

    Breast form changes resulting from a certain brass... [J Hum Ergol (Tokyo). 1990] - PubMed result
    This seems to imply that the chest muscles get weaker when bras are worn. Isn't that a similar argument for not wearing conventional running shoes, that they don't let the foot/arch muscles exercise? I certainly see that for comfort wearing a bra is the way to go, but if it does weaken the chest muscles, then women should be more actively encouraged to work out those muscles to prevent what I suspect is pretty common sagging with age--or so I heard a plastic surgeon say on Dr.Radio. That's what got me wondering in the first place.
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    I work with a bunch of dudes. I'm wearing a bra. Now... if I decide to throw in a baggy sweatshirt to run to the grocery store, I'm not gonna bother.

    Truthfully, I very much look forward to my vacation to Wickerman each summer where I can go bra-less (or clothes-less for the braver than I) for 5 days straight.

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    Having kids helps the girls to sag as well. Once you get to a certain cup size, sagging is going to happen. The only person in my family whose chest hasn't sagged is one of my sisters as she is an A cup. You get to C cups and beyond, yeah, you're going to sag. Push ups are one of the best exercises to slow or prevent the sag.

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    I don't "need" a bra, but I feel more comfortable wearing one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Good View Post
    To all women reading only this post, the consensus is that you should go bra-less, in a white t shirt on a rainy day.
    that's what my husband keeps telling me LOL Actually, he keeps telling me our house is "shirt-optional"
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    VFF's aren't primal. Vit D supplements aren't strictly primal. Meal replacement protein powders aren't primal. Heck. Clothes aren't primal either, but we wear them because of cultural conventions. I rather like my clothes, and my bra. I'm keepin' 'em.
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