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Thread: Making Sausages

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    Making Sausages

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    Does anyone here make their own sausages? If so - can you give me any recipes? All the ones that I have read so far include either breadcrumbs or rusk. I am not adding those to my sausage!

    But why are they added in the first place? There must be a reason - or is it just to bulk the sausage out and so use less meat?

    The skins have arrived, I've got the sausage making attachment for my Kenwood Chef and I just can't wait to get started!!!

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    There was a post on the main MDA site recently - Homemade Sausage Links and Patties | Mark's Daily Apple

    I haven't tried making sausages though and would be interested to know how they turn out

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    I usually make a few hundred pounds a year, typically right after deer season with a 60/40 blend of pork butts to venison. I buy all my seasonings from All their seasoning are pre mixed and awesome, just add 25 pounds of meat. Make sure to use meat binder or the meat will bust out of your casings when you cook them

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