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Thread: Electronic entertainment

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    Electronic entertainment

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    I watch virtually no TV, but read a lot... on my computer, phone, and IPAd using apps like Kindle, Nook, etc. Does this have the same deleterious affects as TV, video games, etc. Are printed books healthier.

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    Hard to say - the being in front of a screen is not so good if you have issues getting to sleep - I try to read paper books before bed for that reason, but I love reading on my computer or phone. What I usually do if the program lets me, is change the screen so it is light words on a dark background - it is easier on your eyes. That way the monitor is less like a low grade lamp you are staring at for hours.

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    I prefer a Kindle (or other e-ink) device for long format reading. That's typically what I use before bed. It's not a lit screen. I find it more restful personally but that's not exactly science.

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