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Thread: Weird things that taste sweet to you?

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    Weird things that taste sweet to you?

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    Since going primal, what are some things that taste sweet to you that most CW people don't think of as sweet?

    For me, I'd say cashews, coconut, and jicama...all of those taste like candy to me!
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    Oh my God(s), creamed coconut IS candy. As in: dessert/stay away (most of the time ).
    Jicama is like an apple to me.

    Meat (especially plain ground beef) is quite sweet tasting to me, too.

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    Coconut products are the biggest change in taste for me. Before going Primal I couldn't stand the taste of coconut. Now I eat it on almost a daily basis. do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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    Tomatos, carrots

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    I remember a point when I had been eating mostly meat and green vegs and Almonds tasted very sweet, as did onions, and tomatoes.

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    Regular store bought tomatoes have gotten sweeter tasting. I'm a tomato fiend and grow lots of different types of tomatoes. 30 varieties last year. There is so much difference in taste with different varieties. However my harvest stock is low and I've been using more store bought and canned tomatoes which are fine but taste fairly bland and not super sweet to me. The other day I made some sauce with tomatoes, ground beef and veggies. It was great but when I was eating it it tasted like I had added sugar, something I have done in the past with some tomato sauces. It was weird.

    I'm interested to try a couple of varieties that I grow this year which I do consider really sweet. They may taste like candy now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodhi View Post
    Coconut products are the biggest change in taste for me. Before going Primal I couldn't stand the taste of coconut. Now I eat it on almost a daily basis.
    How did you do this?

    I WANT to like coconut, but the taste is just -

    it's almost musky to me. Fresh, canned, dried, doesn't seem to matter. It would make dairyfree SO much easier! Any suggestions?
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    Heavy cream. Tastes so lovely and sweet. Mmm!

    Sauted onions. Almost unpalettable now. I have to leave them pretty raw, just barely cooking them.
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    Parsnips... baked or even raw, dipped in a little sesame dressing. GORGE

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    Roasted parsnips and turnips. They taste like candy now.

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