Hi there,

I came to PB through crossfit and still crossfit when I can, but I recently joined a bootcamp (2 days/week) just because I haven't been disciplined enough with getting in my workouts lately and my crossfit gym is far from work.

Last night was the first class. It was interval training, about 20 minutes of which was quite high intensity. Mid-way through I started getting a pounding headache and 15 hours later (right now - 11:30AM the next day) I STILL have the headache.

I am 100% primal in my eating. After my class last night I came home and made myself a "taco" salad (ground beef, lettuce, salsa, some full-fat sour cream and avocado). For breakfast this morning I had bacon and eggs. Is this carb-related? Should I eat carbs at lunch? Or is it something I did 'wrong' in my workout that caused the headache?