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Thread: Does coconut oil make you more assertive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannonstoney View Post
    I guess we who are new to the testosterone rush need some advice on how to deal with it.
    In the beginning, I had to do a lot of running to burn off my new aggression. I'm handling it better now, and channeling it into higher productivity. Definitely less likely to take crap now - it hasn't gotten me in trouble yet, but it probably helps that I'm polite and smile when I'm telling people off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Good View Post
    Odd. I used to run my mouth constantly (and consequently start a fight now and then) but since doing this stuff I've just shut up. I still mock people privately, I just don't feel the need to tell them they're being stupid.
    maybe you started producing more estrogen
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    I doubt that the coconut oil alone is responsible but Primal as a whole lifestyle definitely could be. My own subjective n=1 is that, whatever I am feeling, on PB I just seem to feel it more intensely. I don't think this is me changing for the worse. I just think that a general lack of health in the body puts you out of touch with your feelings. Primal puts you back to where you should be, it can just be a little disconcerting at first. Like if you value your paycheck, it is probably not a good idea to tell your boss what a dickhead he is being. The urge to do so though just means you are a fully aware human. And he is a dickhead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannonstoney View Post
    Yes, I know that sounds like a silly title for a thread. But something strange has been happening: the healthier I get (and a lot of coconut oil is my newest improvement), the "meaner" I get. You know, mean for a girl. Like speaking up instead of shutting up.
    Diet high in saturated fat and low in PUFA = higher testosterone. This is most likely what you're feeling if coconut oil is the big recent change.
    Good n-3/n-6 ratio = less depression.
    Gluten-free diet = no exorphins mucking up your motivational system = more sensitive to emotional and social cues. (Unproven but seems likely.)
    Probably several more things.

    That's one of the themes of Eat Like A Predator: your mental health and toughness are strongly related to your physical health and toughness.

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