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Thread: My Own Personal 30 Day Challege

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    My Own Personal 30 Day "Pregneo" Challege

    I hope that it is not too presumptuous to start a journal thread with my first post here....

    I've been lurking quite a bit for a little over a week and have read a ton of Mark's blog posts, too. I cannot get enough of the success stories! All of you are inspiring and some of you are flat out heroic.

    I found this place because I've been meandering around the internet researching "Paleo" type diets. In some weight-lifting forum I stumbled into - the posters were debating who was "The Man": Mark or Arthur De Vany. In the end I think they agreed that both of them were beyond amazing. Anyway, that led me read what I could about them and to both of their sites. After awhile, I noticed that I wasn't reading anymore "Paleo" sites, just coming here to read. I'm impressed with this place and with all of you.

    The reason I was researching Paleo/Primal was because while reading about different diets, it struck me how much this way of eating was similar to the way I ate during my pregnancies. When I was 100% responsible for the nutrition my baby-to-be was getting, I made sure that I ate only nutrient-dense foods that were as close to their original state as possible. The past few days, I've jokingly told my friends that I'm going on a "Pregneo" diet.

    I've been extremely lucky most of my life as far as weight and fitness. My whole family are mesomorphs - my grandpa was "buff" into his 70s without doing anything extraordinary. But the past year and a half have been hard on me. I haven't taken care of myself at all. In fact, I've neglected myself quite a bit. A cumulative effect of aging, stress, drrrrrrama (I'll spare you the details), ennui and just plain laziness have taken their toll. I'm heavier, flabbier and less "vital" than I've ever been. Time to change.

    I've read about the thirty day challenges that have gone on here over the years and decided to do a personal one. During the time I've been lurking here, I've been making gradual changes (that means, in part, finishing all the beer and ice cream in the house!) and today I started straight Primal.

    I'm too embarrassed to put up a before photo - although I'm taking one. Maybe if the after is good enough, I'll post both at the end. But this is my starting point:

    Age: 53 (I realize going Primal can't change this. )
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 147
    Waist: 32" (Ugh!)
    Hips: 40.5
    Thigh: 24.5 (At the saddlebags spot.)
    Upper Chest: 37 (Women get thick here as they age - I'm hoping to lose an inch or so.)

    My average weight the past ten years is between 132-137. My ideal is 128-130. I don't think I can do that in 30 days - but I can try to get started! The scale is hidden for the next 30 days. I'm putting away the tape measure, too, but I might get it back out at 15 days just for a check up.

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