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Thread: Any other books I should be looking at?

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    @madMUHHH-I just did a Big 5 workout today (ok, it was a big 11) and it really is a satisfying way to work out. I think if I were to do one Big (5-11) and one barbell workout per week I could probably be ok. I met with a fellow named Ben bocchicchio (a very nice guy who was glad to meet with me and answer questions)who happens to be one of the creators of the super slow way of training in the 70's (before Hutchins). He said he has gotten great results with clients doing 2 high intensity, slow rep cadence total body workouts per week. He typically would have them do a Monday and a Friday workout. That was good to hear, as one time per week is just too much sit time for me. Anyway, for what it's worth.

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    Whats wrong with going to the gym only once a week? I have to read that book

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    that's me as well btw, after trying to fix the signature link thing

    “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
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    serialSinner-According to Dr. McGuff, once a week is preferred. But I've been indoctrinated for so long with the virtues of chronic exercise, I psychologically have a hard time with it. Actually, I still don't think once a week is enough for serious weight loss or serious muscle gain. But, for those who want to get stronger and be more functional with the least time investment-I think it's great.

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    I just went mad on Fishpond today (bit like amazon but Australian) and ordered the following via recommendations (thanks Mark and Ecala):

    Primal Body-Primal Mind: Empower Your Total Health the Way Evolution Intended (...and Didn't)

    Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

    Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health

    Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes (no recommendation for this one just liked the title)

    Now just have to wait for them to be delivered!

    With regards to going to the gym just once a week this is something that I do quiet often, either one or two times per week and no cardio apart from every day walking around and a sprint every now and then if I feel up to it and I have been getting fantastic results in terms of fat loss and muscle development (as opposed to chronic cardio and training at the gym 6 days a week - that is so overrated!).

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    @TMAN Growing up coaches always taught me the same - 3-5 sets of at least 6 reps, divided into Bis&Back, Tris&Chest, Shoulders&Legs. It has been great getting into a big 5 convenience wise, but for the first time I actually crave more exercise (once a week is so infrequently!).

    My plan is to try to add a few more "functional" workouts to supplement the HIT strength day. Maybe an all bodyweight day, I'm trying to teach myself Parkour on my short high intensity runs, and am considering taking some yoga on the side. How have you found your recovery from the Big 8 when you add other workouts?

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    @chmcclellan-I think it is good to crave exercise to a degree (stay hungry, as Arnold would say)-it's much better than burning out. I haven't been doing the Big 8-10 long enough to determine recovery. I do get sore from it but not overly so, which is good. I actually get more sore from my free weight workouts where I do more sets but do not train to failure. I can say this-my legs are always sore, but they have been progressing. So, so far so good. If I start to feel overworked, I'll drop one of the workouts. My other 2 workouts are periodized, mostly free weights and always total body work (squats, presses, rows, etc.). I have pretty much sworn off the body part split stuff-and have been progressing better than ever. So, obviously, recover is always a potential issue when you train the whole body 3 times per week. If you want to do functional stuff, try the basics-squats, presses, and rows-Its all very functional! Get Starting Strength by Mark Ripetoe to learn technique. These are such complex moves (esp. the squat)it is good to have guidance. Anyway, happy trainig.

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    Dollface: Do you have any links or more specific info on what Taubes has changed his viewpoint on?

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    Jedidja, If I remember rightly it was when I was listening to Podcasts off Jimmy Moore's website when he was interviewing Gary Taubes, but he didn't elaborate.

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    I've read GCBC and it is probably the most important book I've read. If you are not %100 convinced that conventional nutritional advice is flawed, you will be after reading this book. It is a tough read, but stick with it. I have also read An Omnivore's Dilemma, and if your not convinced organic is the way to go, you will be after reading it. I am a quarter of the way through reading The Primal Blueprint: great book!

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