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Thread: Holiday Accomplishments!

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    I started primal about 1 month ago, and have made it through the entire Halloween week without eating a single piece of candy!

    This may not seem like a big accomplishment but I work in an office that gets a barrage of treats and candies delivered to it daily, especially during the holidays.

    I figure if I post this here it will keep me accountable through Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am amazed by the lack of cravings, it hasn't even been that hard.

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    Keep at it, it gets easier!

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    Excellent! We don't go so bonkers for Halloween here, but I can certainly appreciate the temptation. I've been eating Primal for 4 weeks too and I've had the odd pang for croissants as I walk past several each day, but the thought of the after effects has been enough to keep me away!

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    Great Job!!! I have done pretty well this week too but today is a tough day! There is tons of candy and I also am going to a Halloween party tomorrow night...seeing your post gave me confidence to continue saying no to that sweet tooth!! I will eat some watermelon with my lunch instead of skittles!

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