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Thread: My Posts Don't Go to the Top page

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    I hope this post proves me wrong, but I've had several instances of posts that I've replied to, and one that I've started, that never moved up the "Latest Discussions" list. I did a few searches and could only find one person with the same complaint, but that was presumed to be specific to long urls in the text.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Hi Bonesheal,

    Same as with Sean's, the forum's automatic spam detector labeled your account as a spammer. I am unsure as to why this sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't (however, I must say, that for having thousands of accounts, it rarely makes mistakes). A Worker Bee oversees the forums everyday, but occasionally, understandably, somethings will slip by. She has manually changed your account status though, so there should not be future problems. If there are, please let us know! Thank you for being a valued member of MDA's community. Grok on!

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    That was hurting my self esteem! Thanks for legitimizing me.

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