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Thread: What can I make with baby shrimp?

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    What can I make with baby shrimp?

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    I have a big bag of baby shrimp I got frozen from the store that I would like to cook up this week. I have never made shrimp before (but I know I like it) so I don't really know what to do with it. I am currently doing Whole30 and I have given up searching for decent recipes on the net that fit into my diet. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    ETA: I guess they are not 'baby' shrimp but 'salad' shrimp. If that makes a difference.
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    are they precooked? salad shrimp often are.

    if so, defrost & toss w/ salad.

    they are awesome in stir frys w/ lotsa veggies esp. asian style

    also good in soup, with seaweed.

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    Shrimp "taco" lettuce wraps. Cook with lost of mexican spices and serve in lettuce wraps with fresh red onion, avocado, lime juice, and cliantro.
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    I like a simple half avocado filled with baby shrimps mixed with homemade mayo.
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    I like them in curry sauce with other veggies over cauliflour 'rice'. I second the lettuce wraps - mmmm. They also go well in soup - I like to make something like cipopinno and they work well.

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