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Thread: Awesome work out today!

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    Mar 2011

    Awesome work out today!

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    So since we finally got a warm day, I decided to go have some fun outside. I ran around in some muddy grass barefoot, did some chin ups (getting better at them fast ), push ups, and planks. Didn't go too intense cause I lifted heavy yesterday but holy hell was it fun! Took a few minutes to get over the fact that my feet were going to get really muddy, but once I started I felt like a kid again! Twas a good day, except now I want more warm days.

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    Well, I visited my parents - by bicycle. The distance was about 30 miles in total, and it took me about 100 minutes. At one point I got into a little race with another cyclist, but apart from that the whole tour qualified as moving slowly.

    After that I had a nice workout at the gym:

    10x5-7 australian pull-ups (bar at waist height, legs raised)
    Some dead hangs, pull-up attempts and leg raises (knees bent) - and also some chin-up negatives
    Some planks in all varieties (side, normal, reversed) on elbows and heels
    Some attempts at jack-knive push-ups
    Some hollow/arch holds (far from 60 seconds, not quite like him)
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